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Brett Smith - 3 years ago 2019-01-22 20:58:33
venue: Add accessibility notes.
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    have coffee throughout the day. We’ll also be bringing in lunch for everyone
    who pre-registers (coming soon!).</p>
    who pre-registers.</p>

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  <p class="text-center"><a href=";mlon=4.35015#map=17/50.85738/4.35015">View Larger Map</a></p>

  <p>Acessibility Notes: CopyleftConf will take place on the ground floor
of a building with a wide entrance and a brand-new ramp at the entrance to
welcome wheelchairs from the front door. We have been assured that there is
a wheelchair ready bathroom one floor down that can be accessed via the
elevator. All presentations and breakout discussions will take place on the
first floor and will be delivered via a microphone. We will make space as
close to the front of each room as possible available for wheelchair
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