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Some feedback from mlinksva:

* it'd be nice to prominently link to pdf or other single-page version of the guide so that those who prefer scrolling rather than clicking through long-form documents and in-browser searching whole long-form document are satisfied
* graphic+text "logo" does not look great because of alignment. would be much better if whole thing were an image: eg <> (those would work with white background, thus also fix xmas tree below)
* Discussion link
** either looks like xmas tree (red ? against green) if discussion page does not exist
** or is misaligned if discussion page does exist.
* ~~unambiguous license for wiki pages needed. template license notice isn't that~~
* it'd be nice to link to template and wiki sources (or maybe they are all in one repo; I don't know ikiwiki well)
* by-sa license icon cries out for more branding! FSF and Consevancy logos in footer, maybe right aligned?
* something odd about /about /about/about /about/colophon links