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@@ -11,13 +11,15 @@ Some feedback from mlinksva:
* look into lstlisting to see if we can do code highlighting or otherwise
  better presentation of it in HTML.
Open questions back to mlinksva from bkuhn:
Hopeless Issues:

* logo clipped by a few pixels on the right in Firefox, but goes away at certain magnifications, not present in Chromium. Seems related to svg. Getting rid of the svg and just always displaying bitmap fixes.

   * I think the above was merely a width/height setting issue, which appears fixed now.  Can you confirm?

      * It isn't fixed. Seems Firefox has some long term problems with unwanted SVG [clipping]( I will try to reproduce and file.
      * I gave up and did this.  I don't get why <svg> doesn't work.  WTF?
        It worked in every browser I tested.

I think this is a WONT_FIX: