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## What is Copyleft?

Copyleft is a strategy of utilizing copyright law to pursue the policy goal
of fostering, encouraging the equal and inalienable right to copy, share,
modify and improve creative works of authorship.  Copyleft (as a general
term) describes any method that utilizes the copyright system to achieve the
aforementioned goal.  Copyleft as a concept is usually implemented in the
details of a specific copyright license, such as the GNU
[General Public License]( and the
[Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License](
Copyright holders of creative work can choose and implement these licenses
for their own works unilaterally to build communities that share those
creative works. 

## What is is a collaborative project to create and disseminate useful
information, tutorial material, and new policy ideas regarding all forms of
copyleft licensing.

### The Copyleft Guide and Tutorial

The primary project currently on this site is a tutorial book entitled
[*Copyleft and the GNU General Public License: A Comprehensive Guide and Tutorial*](/guide/).
@@ -68,14 +84,16 @@ As time goes on, we'll add convenience URLs to refer to specific parts of the
guide, which makes it easy to refer people to portions of the Guide.  Here
are a the ones that exist so far:

  * []( points to
    the "pristine example", the chapter entitled *ThinkPenguin Wireless Router: Excellent CCS*.

### Offsite Resources

#### What Is Copyleft?
#### More on: "What Is Copyleft?"

Here are a few sources to read generally what copyleft is:

  * [Richard M. Stallman's essay on copyleft at](
  * [The Wikipedia entry on Copyleft](
    (The definition of copyleft at the top of this page is modified version
    of the first paragraph of that Wikipedia entry).
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I'd advocate putting a very very simple statement of what copyleft is beneath the first ( paragraph. It's the first question that will come to mind for anyone who is not familiar with copyleft and has arrived here.
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