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removed done todos (like gitorious migration)
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@@ -24,12 +24,13 @@ We should probably try one of those solutions.


* Figure out what we're doing with the second/third/first person issue and
  post to the mailing list.

* Figure out how to make users/ work in ikiwiki.
  * this works now?

* never sends email to anyone for anything.  It should do that
  at least for authentication.

* [Main archive pages are broke, CSS/menu wise](

@@ -37,18 +38,12 @@ We should probably try one of those solutions.
  on the web page too for guide-next.  Make it part of build process.

* on guide-next, monolithic link goes to the production one.

* No footnote number reset on monolithic version.

* Set up [Kallithea for the project](  We are
  currently [using gitorious](, which is
  a proprietary re-licensed product and therefore non-optimal.  There is
  [[todo#gitorious_break|a list below]] that shows the things that break if
  we switch to gitorious.

* SVG file needs additional pixels on edges to avoid
  [clipping](  The
  banner on the front page is now a PNG, but we have an SVG of it, but
  someone needs to bad the SVG file, as [[users/wolftune]] argues
  that this is the manner to address the issue.

@@ -61,9 +56,6 @@ We should probably try one of those solutions.
* Enable translation of wiki interface and pages, see and ?

* Document preferred approach to translating tutorial. It seems there are various technical approaches such as or language editions could be maintained independently (if any are ever created)


List of Things That'll Break if/when We Leave Gitorious 
<a id="gitorious_break"></a>
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