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Bradley Kuhn (bkuhn) - 8 years ago 2014-11-07 01:45:23
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Some feedback from mlinksva:

* it'd be nice to prominently link to pdf or other single-page version of the guide so that those who prefer scrolling rather than clicking through long-form documents and in-browser searching whole long-form document are satisfied
* graphic+text "logo" does not look great because of alignment. would be much better if whole thing were an image: eg <> (those would work with white background, thus also fix xmas tree below)
* Discussion link
** either looks like xmas tree (red ? against green) if discussion page does not exist
** or is misaligned if discussion page does exist.
* ~~unambiguous license for wiki pages needed. template license notice isn't that~~
* it'd be nice to link to template and wiki sources (or maybe they are all in one repo; I don't know ikiwiki well)
* by-sa license icon cries out for more branding! FSF and Consevancy logos in footer, maybe right aligned?
* something odd about /about /about/about /about/colophon links
* something odd about /about /about/about /about/colophon links (and seem not present now)
* logo clipped by a few pixels on the right in Firefox, but goes away at certain magnifications, not present in Chromium. Seems related to svg. Getting rid of the svg and just always displaying bitmap fixes.
* fixed position/never scrolling header and footer wastes space, apparent on long page like <>
* extra text "" link in main area of non-home pages, eg on <> which is superfluous and on Firefox partially obscured by fixed header
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