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@@ -15,30 +15,42 @@ The primary project currently on this site is the
[tutorial book entitled *Copyleft and the GNU General Public License: A Comprehensive Guide and Tutorial*](/guide/).

### Getting Involved

There are various ways to get involved with this project.  The primary website is a wiki, and we welcome additional information.
Please edit this wiki with more information about copyleft.

However, the primary project available on this site is the aforementioned
guide and tutorial about GPL and other copyleft concepts.  We seek
contributors to get involved in the following ways:

   * [Submit merge requests on's gitorious site](
     If you're looking for something to fix, just grep the *.tex files for
     "FIXME" and you'll find plenty.
#### Proposing Improvements to the Guide

[Merge requests on's gitorious site](
to the Guide are most welcome. If you're looking for something to fix, just
grep the *.tex files for "FIXME" and you'll find plenty.  Many of them are
simple and easy to do.  Some of them are writing, and some of them are

#### Joining Mailing Lists

   * Subscribe to [our low-traffic, announcements-only mailing list](
   * Join discussion on our [primary mailing list, called "discuss"](
   * Join discussion on our [IRC channel, #copyleft on](irc://

#### IRC Discussion

[IRC channel is #copyleft on](irc://
The [IRC logs are public here on this site](/irclogs/).

### Who Contributes to

This site is a joint project of
[Software Freedom Conservancy]( and
[the Free Software Foundation](  The editor-in-chief of
[the guide](/guide/) is [Bradley M. Kuhn](  The
[recent changes page](/recentchanges) shows who has
contributed to the wiki, and you can see the
[Git commit log on the tutorial](
to see who has contributed to it.

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